Bundles for Android are available here. If you have maintain MPTCP for another Android version, let us know at mptcp-dev@listes.uclouvain.be

The most recent version of the MPTCP kernel works on the Google Nexus 5 :

To install the Multipath TCP 0.89.5 kernel on your rooted Nexus 5, you need our kernel image and Android 4.4.x (the image does not work on 5.x Lollipop!). You also need fastboot tool.

Reboot the phone in bootloader mode (POWER + VOLUME DOWN or `adb reboot bootloader`) and launch the following commands:

    # fastboot flash boot boot_20150421_mptcp0.89.5_android4.4.4.img
    # fastboot reboot

To use it, you also need to modify Android to enable the utilisation of two interfaces at the same time (by default, Android only uses one interface at a time).

Gregory Detal wrote an initial Android package to enable this feature. This package has been extended by Matthieu Baerts and Quentin De Coninck. You can obtain it from


Older versions of the MPTCP kernel on smartphones

In the past, some users have ported MPTCP to different Android-flavours. These historical images are available on github:

Enable WiFi and 3G/LTE at the same time (deprecated)

An Android application that enables WiFi and the data connection at the same time has been developed. This is obviously only useful when you have a MPTCP-enabled Android phone (e.g. see https://github.com/gdetal/mptcp_nexus5/wiki to install MPTCP on your nexus 5). The application is free and is available on the Play store for alpha testers only. It requires a rooted phone (it has been successfully tested on a Nexus 5 with SuperSU).

If you are interested, you need to join the Google+ community called "Multipath Control app Alpha Testers". You can search for it or click on the following link to join https://plus.google.com/communities/112421770331871180500

To install the application you need to go on https://play.google.com/apps/testing/be.uclouvain.multipathcontrol with the same Google account as the one you joined the community. You then need to click on "Become a tester" and click on "Download Multipath Control from the Play Store" which should redirect you to the Play store page where you can finally click on "Install".